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The majority of small shipments in the USA are facilitated by cargo vans. Also known as dry van shipping, the service utilizes an enclosed box on wheels, a pickup truck and similar types of vehicles. Cargolia works with some of the leading van transportation providers in the country to coordinate van shipments along high volume lanes running between the fifty states, arranging truckload shipments and time sensitive dry van deliveries.

If you’re looking for a door-to-door courier company with experience, you have come to the right place. We have delivered more than 13 million products in the last ten years, and have obtained in excess of 1200 happy customers, who continue using us as their prefered cargo van service.

Whether you need to do a small house move, send a gift to someone, or deliver a few boxes of product to an important client, we have your back. You can trust us to provide the infrastructure that meets your particular needs.

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Is Cargo Van Transportation Right for Me?

Logistics companies deploy vans to deliver everything from a small envelope to an entire van load locally, regionally or nationally. Dry van shipping is ideal for small-scale shipments that require less-than-truck load or full truck load shipping. This method is especially suitable when:

  • You require low-volume shipping. Cargo van shipping contractors are great at efficiently utilizing all the available storage space in the fan to safely carry your small or fragile shipment to its destination within the appropriate timeline.
  • You have dense, valuable freight. Since a cargo van takes a smaller load, the driver is better able to devote attention to each package, ensuring that your goods remain secure, steady and immobile while it is in transit.
  • You need super-safe transportation. When shipping by van, you can rest assured that your goods will remain safely in the same van until they reach their destination.
  • You expect extra fast shipping. Due to the fact that cargo vans are light delivery vehicles that require fewer licenses and permissions, they can move faster from their origin to their destination. That means that your shipment will get there faster.
  • You want to ship small or fragile items. We will skillfully handle your logistics from start to finish, ensuring that your items are safely packed and transported.

Since a dry van is not equipped with refrigeration equipment, this form of transport is best used for non-perishable items, such as electronics, fabrics, plastics, building products and other consumer goods. Dry vans tend to be much smaller than other shipping methods, which also means that they require fewer permissions and special licenses. That means that we can more easily move your goods to their destination.

Cargolia has access to a reliable fleet of dry van trailers to cater to your shipping requirements. Our dry van logistics are operated across the country and we can accommodate a variety of load sizes to suit your needs. We also offer insurance to ensure that you are covered in the unlikely event that something goes wrong during shipment.

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Cargolia Dry Van Shipping & Trucking Services

Cargolia caters to the nation, providing everything from supply chain solutions to freight transportation, warehousing and distribution. Our network of dry van solutions providers span the breadth and length of the country, which enables us to deliver professional, customizable logistics services that are not only safe and reliable, but also economical.

Our team of logistics personnel are experts at their specific roles, whether it is answering the phone when you call, arranging your logistics, dealing with the couriers or tracking your parcel or cargo as it travels between Point A and Point B.

Peace of Mind With Cargo Van Transportation

With more than ten years of experience in the freight shipping industry, we understand the value of teamwork and trust. That’s why we opt to only work with the most reliable drivers. This commitment to trust and excellence extends to our relationship with you, our valued customer.

We will help you monitor all your shipments with our state-of-the-art tracking technology. Need changes? We will happily oblige mid-shipment. Our remarkably reliable carrier chain enables us to adapt and remain flexible to suit your specific needs.

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How to Book Cargo Van Shipping With Cargolia

In keeping with our commitment to service delivery and simplicity, we’ve made it easy for you to book your shipping service with Cargolia. Simply request a free estimate online. It’s really as easy as 1-2-3.

  • Enter your collection and delivery address.
  • Choose the mode of transport.
  • Describe your cargo.

We will provide you with a quote, and schedule the shipment when you confirm your order. Once your shipment is on its way, you can track it all the way to its destination.

When you hire Cargolia for your van shipments, you can rest assured that - in most cases - the invoiced rate will be the same as the quoted rate, provided you have provided accurate information.

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Cargolia offers a wide range of shipping options. No matter what you need to ship, we have an affordable, suitable vehicle to cater to your needs. Get in touch with Cargolia’s team of logistics experts today to help arrange your shipment.