Heavy Haul Shipping

Heavy Haul Shipping

Heavy Haul Shipping

For more than ten years, Cargolia has been the leader in heavy haul shipping. We have an impressive track record for being the leading heavy haul freight forwarding and heavy haul brokers. We can move almost any load, be it military equipment, industrial equipment, power generation equipment, heavy machinery, awkwardly shaped cargo and much more. We cater to individual clients, as well as those in a variety of industries, including:

  • Alternative energy
  • Construction
  • Oil and gas
  • Mining
  • And agriculture.

Over the years, we have built a trustworthy and reliable network of heavy haulage shipping partners. We’re proud to have one of the most advanced, largest heavy haul fleets available, who cover all fifty states.

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What to look for in a heavy haul shipping company

Transporting oversized items can present logistical challenges, which is why you need a heavy haulage company that knows what they are doing. Since abnormal loads often require special handling, it is important to hire a company that has all the right tools to take care of the job for you.

Cargolia has the loading and carrying requirements as well as the expertly trained and experienced personnel and tools to make a success of your shipment.

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Heavy Haulage Permits

Clients must obtain the appropriate permits and documentation before the shipment can take place. In most cases, individual shipments are issues for each shipment. In some cases, regulations may vary, and in some cases, municipalities or cities require specific permits. Likewise, some commodities also require designated permits.

One such example is Minnesota, which requires a permit for shipping heavy farming equipment, as well as a single permit, which remains valid for one week. Additional permits are required during winter, and a specific timeframe will be applicable. Travel hours are also restricted in many cities during certain hours nd on a seasonal basis. Cargolia consultants will discuss your shipment and our logistics team will inform you about the shipping duration, permits requirements and other information regarding your heavy haulage shipment.

Heavy Haulage Safety Regulations

Federal law requires that vehicles carrying oversized loads must have specific travel accommodations and must be marked using special signage. Some requirements may include:

  • Pilot cars: In some states, escort vehicles may have to accompany wide loads. Certain types of loads require a police escort.
  • Lights: Some states require that vehicles are equipped with yellow rotating LED lights.
  • Safety flags: Vehicles usually have to carry fluorescent red or yellow flags attached to the truck’s outermost corners.
  • Oversized Load banners: Any vehicle carrying the shipment or traveling with the shipment must be marked with front and rear banners. All our haulage contractors have reversible “oversized load” or “wide load”signs.

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How to Choose a Heavy Haul Shipping Company

It’s no secret that heavy haul shipping is a complex procedure that involves complicated logistics. Therefore, you will be best served hiring the best heavy haulage shipping company to handle the project for you. Cargolia has a comprehensive portfolio of freight forwarding providers with an excellent track record, boasting years of on-time deliveries.

We can help you procure the right trucks and equipment you need to move your cargo, including safety equipment, lift gate equipment, pallet jackets, cranes and more. Our expertly trained staff have the skills and experience to safely operate forklifts as needed to help load and unload your load from the flatbed trucks.

We can bring your products from any of the US ports to your place of business, or we can ship it from your business to the ports for export purposes. Alternatively, we can ship your stock from the distribution center to your branches around the country.Due to the lengthy, professional relationships we have with our trusted service providers, we are able to negotiate the best possible rates on your heavy haulage services. We pass the savings on to you, thus making it more affordable to ship your goods across the fifty states.

When it comes to shipping your expensive goods, we understand the importance of peace of mind. That’s why we provide state-of-the-art tracking so that you can tell where your load is at any given time. Cargolia takes the hassle out of your heavy haul shipping services.

Cargolia Heavy Haul Transportation Services

With Cargolia, you can enjoy uncomplicated, seamless heavy haulage service. We have a long history of safe, claim-free heavy haul shipping services and more than a thousand happy customers, many of whom we have served on a regular weekly or monthly basis throughout the years. We will take care of all your heavy haulage requirements, and handle the many challenges, including:

  • Procuring the appropriate trailer for your shipment.
  • Loading the cargo onto the flatbed using special lifting equipment or cranes.
  • Applying for the required permits from the different states through which we have to travel.
  • And arranging the required escort vehicles to accompany the shipment.

We can facilitate your heavy haul transportation needs through our fleet of regularly serviced, late model trailers. Speak to Cargolia today about your heavy haulage shipping requirements. We will gladly provide you with a quote and help you make all the necessary arrangements.

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Cargolia offers a wide range of shipping options. No matter what you need to ship, we have an affordable, suitable vehicle to cater to your needs. Get in touch with Cargolia’s team of logistics experts today to help arrange your shipment.