Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I work through Cargolia instead of calling a carrier directly?

Cargolia has contracts with many large, independent carriers. Due to the volume of business we refer to them, they provide us with excellent rates, which we pass on to you. Additionally, we work directly with the carrier, communicating the logistics of your shipment and other important aspects. We have the skills and experience to quickly extract information and deal with things that could frustrate our clients, if they were to handle their own shipment.

Does Cargolia have the necessary cargo insurance?

Cargolia is a shipping broker and not a carrier. As such, the company itself does not carry insurance. However, we require that all the carriers provide us with valid proof of active insurance.

What payment methods do you accept?

Cargolia accepts all major credit cards, including Mastercard, VISA, Discover and American Express.

How can I track my shipment?

To track your shipment, please call us at (800) 614-0603 or visit our contact page. Enter your load number to access information pertaining to your shipment.

Will the rate change after the shipment is collected?

In most cases, the quoted rate and the invoiced rate will be the same. However, there are times when customers fail to provide accurate weight or size information. Sometimes, an additional service (which was not included in the quote) is required. At Cargolia, we aim to make customers aware of additional charges as soon as we become aware of them. We also provide a delivery receipt or weight certificate to promote transparency.

What if my goods are damaged?

At Cargolia, we track all our shipments on a daily basis. That means that we're most often made aware of damages before you know about it. In that case, we will call the carrier to find out if damage was noted on the bill of lading or on delivery. If that is the case, we will file a claim with the carrier. We will then issue a credit memo or send you a check.

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