Reefer Transportation

Reefer Transportation

Reefer Transportation - Refrigerated shipping service for your vulnerable goods

Reefer freight or refrigerated transportation is the ideal shipping method for perishable or temperature sensitive goods. Cargolia has access to a vast fleet of temperature controlled vehicles to maintain the desired temperature for your goods throughout the shipping process.

In the days of old, transporters would place salt or ice below the goods that needed to stay cool for the duration of the transportation process. However, it was not the most efficient process and likely resulted in expensive losses. The 1900s saw the birth of much more efficient modes of transportation and paved the way for the highly sophisticated, technologically advanced cold chain logistics we use today.

There are many other benefits to refrigerated or reefer transportation, probably the most important is the fact that it helps prevent products from spoiling while in transit. As such, products don’t lose their value. Products such as meat, dairy, produce must stay fresh, and reefer transportation can help achieve that.

However, there are many other products that rely on refrigerated shipping, including personal care products, flowers, film, pharmaceuticals and medical products that may spoil when exposed to high temperatures. Precious art is another such product that requires precise temperature control.

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Meet Your Compliance Goals With Reefer Transportation

The FDA has increased their scrutiny in terms of safe food handling through the supply chain. In 2015, the Food Safety and Modernisation Act ruled that refrigerated freight transporters implement compliance procedures to meet temperature control provisions and relay such information to shippers and end users.

With many products, specifically those in the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries, frozen or refrigerated transportation is not and option, but rather an absolute requirement. Reefer transportation from Cargolia can help you meet supply and demand while ensuring that you meet compliance and safety regulations.

Cargolia has adopted the strict requirements of the Act to ensure that we deliver the best service to you, and to maintain the safety of products for the end users. Our reefer transportation drivers are trained in refrigerated transportation compliance and temperature management. They provide meticulous reporting on each shipment.

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What are Reefers, Exactly?

A reefer is a truck with a refrigerated container trailer. These delivery units are bottom aired, and distribute chilled air via the floor, which is equipped with specific, T-shaped decking. It produces uniform, consistent flow throughout the shipment, delivering a precise air exchange for all the goods.

Reefers can lower or maintain the temperature of your shipment. However, the opposite is possible too. If your good require warming up, the reefer unit can maintain temperatures of up to 30C.

Steri-Shipping With Reefer Transportation

Some imported products and fruits from certain countries may carry potential pathogens, which require cold treatment of your fruit. Known as steri shipments, the shipping professions insert a few steri probes in the pulp of the fruit to monitor the temperature inside the fruit.

With steri shipments, fruit must be pre-cooled to a temperature that is lower than it would be for the commercial market. Only a minor temperature variance is tolerated, and if this temperature is exceeded, it will need to be cooled to the appropriate temperature. If a single probe drifts above the tolerance level, the cargo will be rejected when it arrives at the port.

Reefer shipping follows the same shipping pattern as all other types of cargo shipments, but there are a few additional requirements.

  • The reefer should not be over-stuffed, ie. beyond the end of the t-floor, or above the load line.
  • Cargo must be packed in a stable manner and secured to the floor.
  • The reefer unit must be set to the correct carrying temperature as required by the cargo.
  • The operator must check dehumidification controls.
  • If the shipment requires pre-cooling, the cargo must be pre-cooled, rather than the container; otherwise, the reefer must be loaded in an airlocked cold tunnel within the cold storage unit.
  • Selecting the correct ventilation level is of utmost importance.

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How Much Does Reefer Shipping Cost?

As with other types of cargo forwarding, reefer shipping prices are calculated according to the size, weight, and distance of transportation. Special shipping requirements and expedited delivery will typically result in additional fees.

Cargolia will provide you with a competitive quote on your reefer shipment. When you work with us, you can rely on our track record which spans more than 10+ years in the reefer shipping and refrigerated freight transport industry. In this time, we have delivered more than thirteen million products.

We can bring your products from any of the US ports to your place of business, or we can ship it from your business to the ports for export purposes. Alternatively, we can ship your stock from the distribution center to your branches around the country.

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