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Flatbed Shipping

Flatbed Shipping

Flatbed shipping is the transportation method of choice for large, awkward shipments that don’t fit standard truck trailer dimensions. A flatbed trailer is suitable for goods that do not require dry van shipping, and the design is such that goods can be lifted onto the flatbed from all angles, using cranes or forklifts.

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If your large or awkward shipment is not vulnerable to the elements, Cargolia can help facilitate the transportation from point A to point B. Our fleet of flatbed trailers are operated by expert drivers and shipping crews who are dedicated to providing superior customer service.

A flatbed trailer has a level platform that lacks roofing or walls. Legal flatbeds are typically 48’ long and 8.5’ wide. Some flatbeds have detachable, articulated cargo components. There are different types of flatbed trailers too, including double-drops, step decks and RGNs (goose necks). Sometimes, a tarp can be used to cover your shipment, but not all loads require a tarp. Likewise, in some cases, corner protectors and chains can be used ti secure the shipment.

Flatbed shipping is most suited to shipments that are large, need to be loaded by crane, or include:

  • Large volumes of well-packaged, stackable goods
  • Construction equipment;
  • Building or infrastructure components.
Shipping requirements are usually considered during product design, and it it is important to consider that when you are responsible for the shipment. If you’re in doubt, it’s a good idea to speak to Cargolia directly, and to obtain suggestions from logistics experts.

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The Benefits of Flatbed Shipping

When it comes to moving your goods, we understand your need for uniquely tailored services. That’s why our logistics team works closely with you to help facilitate your shipment in the most efficient manner possible. We will find the perfect flatbed trucking service that suits your timetable and budget.

Companies choose flatbed shipping because:
Flatbed trailers have no physical walls, so flatbed shipping offers dimensional flexibility on large or awkward shipments.
Flatbeds offer a range of equipment to make it easier to manage a shipment, including RGNs, double drops and step decks.
Flatbed trucks offer a range of loading options, including from both sides, from the back, or from the top, whereas dry vans can only be loaded from the rear.

As with other types of transportation, there are some legal restrictions that apply to flatbed shipping. Namely, when the shipment exceeds the size of the truck, the size of the road on which the truck travels will constrain the shipment size. In most cases a 8’6” height and width is the standard size, while larger dimensions will be considered “wide loads” or heavy hauls.

With more than a decade in industry experience, the Cargolia team can help determine the best equipment to choose for your shipment. In some cases, we can help make the your flatbed shipment quote more competitive by selling any excess space on the flatbed trailer to another shipper.

When you book a shipment with Cargolia, we will do everything in our power to provide the best possible service. However, as a shipper, you are responsible for knowing and understanding the particulars of your shipment, including the weight, dimensions, value and the product. Understanding the types of equipment will help you make safe, cost-effective shipping decisions.

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Cargolia offers a wide range of shipping options. No matter what you need to ship, we have an affordable, suitable vehicle to cater to your needs. Get in touch with Cargolia’s team of logistics experts today to help arrange your shipment.